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Innovative sourced talent pools

Fuschia helps you identify the best-fit talent for roles, across various levels in your organization, from database selection to advertised selection, we can assist you with hiring large teams to fill niche positions or manage a hiring project for a long term.


Diversified candidate database from across the globe

Our candidate database enables our consultants to short list CVs that fit client requirements in the shortest possible timelines and save costs by avoiding recruitment of wrong candidates. Equally, our community of candidates understands that we offer them the premier jobs available in the industry. Between our network of clients and candidates, we are able to source internally through referrals and our social media streams.


Expert Team

Fuschia brings together the expertise of the team of recruitment specialists in the country, to identify the best talent for roles across various levels in your organization.


Take your recruitment process to the next level of efficiency

We already help some of the biggest and best employers in the industry to advertise all their vacancies and source successfully for the same – quickly, efficiently and effectively.

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