Writing a resume



Your resume is the first thing about you that any potential employer will see at first. Hence it is important that it will impress and be interested in inviting you for an interview. Based on our experience with thousands of resumes and interacting with numerous candidates and employers we have compiled some guidelines that would inspire you to put together a good resume.


So lets get started:-


Here are a few tips that would get you started:-

  1. Get down to it:- don’t make excuses and put off writing to another day. Just get down to writing and it will all fall into place.

  2. Keep it very simple and clean.

  3. Make a MS word document, which is the most common type of file.

  4. Sentences should not be too long. Short and precise is better than long and tedious.

  5. Paragraphs should be not longer than 4 to 6 lines

  6. Avoid flowery and difficult words so everyone can easily understand what you have written on first read.

  7. Use one particular font through out the resume

  8. Avoid lots of colours and complicated formatting.

  9. A photograph is a good way to break the ice and let the potential employer put a face to a name.


Format of the resume:-


Our recommendation is for the resume flow is as follows, beginning from the first page:-

  1. Personal Details (not contact information) on the first page.

  2. Executive summary:- a brief summary about your key skills and experience in one or maximum two paragraphs.

  3. Educational Qualification:- at this stage it is best to highlight only your highest qualification.

  4. Professional Experience:- In a chronological order with the latest role. Position held, name of the company and duration of your job. A brief summary of your achievements and key responsibilities under each role would be useful

  5. Industry Trainings, Publications, Personal Interests and contact details can come at the end of the resume.

In your professional experience you must mention:-

  • Position or title held in the company

  • Name of the company

  • Date you started with the company and the date you left the company or you may be still working.

  • Your key responsibilities in the position

  • Your achievements in this position


Clarity and Accuracy:-


You must provide information that you can back up and describe in detail when asked about it during the interview. Hence accuracy would be important. This is the place you can really impress your potential employers.

It is not a good idea to make tall claims and put figures about your performance that sound far fetched. All your statements should be verifiable and convincing.

For example you may quote an achievement that benefited the company and describe your role in it. Hence being able to demonstrate the skills that assisted you in fulfilling your task or achieving your target.

It is best to use simple everyday words that are easily understandable than flowery words that are unnecessary and difficult to comprehend. A brief description with correct grammar and spelling is a must. There is nothing more annoying than a CV with grammatical and spelling mistakes. It demonstrates sloppiness.


Job Specific Resume:-


Your CV must be suited for the job you are applying for. Hence you may need to adapt and modify your CV, highlighting the attributes that you feel need to be described for that particular job.

A standard CV for all jobs may not work as you will need to demonstrate your skills for the job you have applied for. With Fuschia you can maintain different profiles and manage which resume you have used for which job. You can also save the different versions of your CV in the Fuschia account.


Proof reading your CV:-


It is always a good idea to read your CV over once again once you have finished. Do a spelling and grammar check and ensure that you are fully satisfied with it.

Get someone else to proof read it for you and comment on your CV. Be ready for criticism and prepared to change your CV as necessary. An updated and current CV is always key to getting noticed by the employer you are interested in.

A good CV increases your potential to get the job you are looking for.


FUSCHIA Profile:-


Once you have completed your CV you can summarize your experience and skills and let us know what you are looking for. So it makes it easier for us to find that ideal job for you.

It is our intention to work with you in tandem to ensure you get that ideal job.