Maria McMahon, Sourcing Associate (Oil Major)

I am delighted to offer a testimonial in high praise of Fuschia!  I have been most impressed with the level of professionalism and dedication both you and your Team have shown to our company during the two years or so we have been dealing with you.

Fuschia is a reliable and valuable resource for us now as an agent who understands our business, (and continue striving to better understand us!) and whose turnaround time in providing very good candidates is really fast!  We know now we can always rely on Fuschia to come up with the goods and look forward to a continued and mutually beneficial working relationship with you and your Team.  


Ian Phillip Hodson, Senior Fire and Safety Professional, (UK) “I was most impressed at how Fuschia conducted the whole recruitment process and kept me updated and offered valid advice to help me obtain my ideal job”

Azeez Ola-Ojetola, Chief Fire Officer, (Canada) ”It was a wonderful experience when I got a call from a gentleman that I was being considered for the position of a Chief Fire Officer in an oil and gas company. I wasn’t really keen because I was not out of job, neither did I apply for that particular position. In a professional manner, the caller, who later introduced himself as Steve, informed me that I was head-hunted and I perfectly matched the criteria this would-be employer was looking for in their candidate. To cut it short, Fuschia’s handling the entire process was excellent and I was amazed. Surprisingly, everything was done on phone and by e-mail because I was in Doha and the company is in Abu Dhabi. I was not asked to come to their office for anything, neither was I asked for any payment. I have recommended Fuschia to some of my friends and will continue to do so. Fuschia is simply great.”                                                               

Sethu Madhvan Mankat, Senior Drilling Professional, (India) ” I have recently secured an executive position (In Upstream Oil and Gas Drilling) with ADCO in Abu Dhabi through the agency, “Fuschia”. I initially got the information of the position available with ADCO only through ‘Fuschia’ which sought me on the basis of a long forgotten e-mail which was very pro-active and helpful of them. They first arranged the telephonic interview with ADCO which was conducted as planned and I was success full. Even though I could not attend the face to face interview in the beginning, later on when I was available it was all arranged very professionally by “Fuschia”. I was given some tips from “Fuschia” on my preparation for interview and on negotiating my remuneration with ADCO, which helped me immensely and I secured the job with a good package. In short I rate “Fuschia” as an exceptional and professional (recruitment firm) and I am very happy to recommend them to any one looking for a position.” 

C Subramaniam, Senior Drilling Supervisor 

I have joined my new company and already on the job after the initial formalities. I appreciate your timely mails updating me regarding the interview and selection process.

I would like to thank your invaluable suggestions before the interview and also helping me out in communication with the organisation before joining.

Paul Baron , Senior Fire Officer (UK) “Fuschia assisted me throughout the entire recruitment process and I found them to be very professional.  I was working in Saudi Arabia and had applied for a job in the U.A.E.  Fuschia called me at least once a week to keep me informed as to the progress of my application.  I particularly found phone calls approx 90 minutes before I was contacted by H.R. very useful.  I was informed of likely questions and replies I could give to support my application.
In turn, I contacted Fuschia many times via telephone and email over a 3 month period and their response was immediate every time.  I have no doubt that my successful recruitment was greatly assisted by Fuschia and would recommend them to anybody.”

Ahmed Sajid Basha (Project Engineer) “I would like to extend my sincere appreciation to Fushia team in supporting me through out the interview process, regularly updating with the application status, conducting interview, periodic follow-ups untill I joined the Company.”